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About us


Our Mission
Our mission is to bring your project to light. We have years of experience in marketing on social media with various platforms. Our goal is to increase your social status growth with the best pricing on the market.


Our Background
We used to be a gaming store but since times have changed we decided to take a different business approach. With our team’s knowledge of media promotion and popularity, we got into the Crypto/NFT markets. We firstly where investors flipping NFTs and Crypto investments but noticed the lack of new projects gaining attention. We decided we should step in and help projects grow and gain what they deserve.


Why Us?
With us, you are guaranteed, 100% real and organic interaction with people who have real interest in your project. Our community have been built from the ground up, don’t fall victim to false promoters with fake engagement anymore! Choose us.


Our Team
Our team consists of various Influencers from many social platforms. Our owners are James & Matt. They are the brains behind everything!


Happy Clients

We have hundreds of happy clients, each one would happily recommend you to choose us. We offer a legitimate service that has benefited everyone we worked with.

Amazing Experience

The NFT marketing space can be overwhelming, as there are so many influencers vying for your attention. Insight stood out from the crowd as he was able to identify our project early on, offer a simple pitch via Discord ticket (unlike the mass messages I receive on Twitter), and offer tweets at a fair price. What really stood out was his willingness to do a video call with me. There are scammers everywhere in web3 marketing, and those who are willing to show their identity and connect on a personal level, will always win my business. Insight had no hesitancy and after speaking with him, I knew he was my choice. I have worked with Insight multiple times and would recommend him to anyone looking for a boost in exposure for your NFT project!


FOUNDER, FunkyFrens


Our Team

James T

James T


Matt G

Matt G


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